Long time no entries….

let´s see if i will update the blog more regularly in 2015. But as no big trips are planned i do not want to write a daily blog… never my intention for this website only for traveling reasons…

The newest fun gadget i have is this one:

I will try to film aerial with the quadcopter when traveling around…

Easter Tour Part4 – back home…

The best trip has to end so i  had to head back home. After a nice breakfast i started  at chilling temperatures to head back.. unfortunately i did not take many pictures as i had quite a long way home planned via the “Schauinsland” a road which is closed for motorbikes on the weekend and further on through the blackforest…

But here are the pictures from the start. It is very nice how the mist was in the valleys….

IMG_0176 IMG_0179

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New Pictures from a Beauty & Portrait Workshop


just been on a great day (last sunday) for a Beauty & Portrait workshop. The workshop was lead by Nina Schnitzenbaumer .

Great pics was the outcome by the end of the day but this was made easy as the model was acting so good and Nina explained a lot… I just can recommend the workshops with Nina… 🙂

Looking forward to part 2 of the workshop in november….

Pictures can be found at: http://lbroemel.de/pictures/beautyworkshop/ 


Also just redesigned the Gallery with a new section “Photo Workshops” as i took already some of them…

Long time no time for updates & no internet again….


Back again in civilization…. We are on our last days and we travelled along the garden route. A harsh contrast to te rest what we have seen the last weeks. Arriving in Port Elizabeth and staying only one night there we headed to our next place called Knynsa with a short stopover at Dolphin Beach with a nice Restaurant called “Hey Jude” <- pictures. We checked in at Bradach Manor <- pictures a nice house with a fantastic view over the Lake.

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Currently at Pezulu Tree House Lodge


currently we are at Pezulu Tree House lodge and i´m only connected to the inet via the egde connection of my phone. So we had our first walk in the reserve here. It was awesome with Giraffes, Zebra, Ostriche with youngsters etc… Picures will follow also a bigger update on the blog whenever we have fast inet access.. i will check the reception tonight…



..at the Airport waiting for Boarding….


this should be my last post from India……

After having a incredible time with up & downs i will leave this fascinating, disturbing, irritating, beautiful, crazy driving, friendly and a lot more country…..

I spend 10h yesterday at the customs  for my bike and still i´m waiting for the dangerous goods declaration. But as the bike is already at the bond area i can´t do anymore so i decided to fly anyway. I hope the IATA guys will take care as they promised me and hand over the declaration together with the bike to my goods carrier Thai Airways. Let´s hope so…….

It was a great time and if you would like me to ask if i would have do it again i would say a definetely YES… but with some slight changes….. not so much in such a short time…. India is just too incredible 🙂 to see it in three months… next time i would focus more on certain areas…. but it was a lifetime experience and even with that unlucky (for my bike) but lucky (for me) crash it was great…..

so i will update the interested one when i got information about my bike…

stay tuned


…bike is boxed…waiting for customs

Hello there,
so the bike was boxed by me on monday and as there was a public holiday yesterday in Delhi i hope that today the customs clarification will take place and i get the ok that all is done. So let´s cross fingers that this will go through smooth and without any problems…..

The transport of the bike from Nagpur to Delhi was perfect in time and the bike cam on monday 1.00p.m. so we started immediately the boxing……

let´s wait and see what…..



Delhi – 09th April – blog re-opened – short update thanks to the “Round Table India” and many others….

Hi There,

The last blog entry was quite sad and I was really frustrated. But in the meanwhile a lot of thinks happened and I wanted to give all of you a update as I got so much feedback by comments; Mails and phonecalls as it was overwhelming…

Ok the bad thing first… neither the BMW Bike fairy brought me a new bike overnight nor I woke up and it was just a freaky stupid nightmare……

But a lot of help came up when I didn´t expected it…. Continue reading

– BLOG IS CLOSED FOR NOW – 06.04.2011.

Hello All,

after nearly 9286 arghh i did not even finish the 10.ooo km travelling through India “IT” happened 🙁

A stupid car/Autorikscha driver came to close to my lane on NH7 when i was driving towards Nagpur. Only 60km before i reached my Hotel i was crashed 🙁 So currently i will do no further sightseeing etc…which is worth to report so far … i´m busy otherwise 🙁

He came just up in front of me when there was a diversion and the 4 lane road went to a single lane..  i was just able to evade and he hit me hard on the right side of the bike ripping the right cylinder covering of and destroying the bike engine etc…. 🙁 He nearly hit me frontal that would not be fun………

Police was very helpful i have to say and i took away the other drivers car key as he wanted to disappear… before he could get too angry that i took the keys the police came…. But i doubt that it makes any sense that they have his name number etc….

Pics can be found here:


Fortunately nothing serious happened to me !! Just my left elbow needs some further examination at Dehli (or germany were i will head to asap) as i can´t stretch it full at the moment…..

But now the transport of the bike to Delhi must be organized… and it must be evaluated if i should/can/must bring the bike back to germany or if it isn´t worth at all (waiting for reply from my Bike Dealer and his mechanics in germany as far as they can tell something through the pictures…) …. I have to check out too many things…this is just to inform you…

I have very great help by a working colleague and her husband (THANKS a lot) as they have contacts all over India… So currently i´m waiting to get contacted for the further bike transpost etc….. i can´t tell how much this is worth to know to have these contacts and friends helping in situation likes this……. also the support from my girlfriend and family is great….!!!

See you all soon in Germany….

Feels so bad seeing the bike destroyed/damaged after going all well the long way round India…. i always knew that are freaks on the road and i drove carefully but this was to close for a frontal crash 🙁 I´m just lucky that so far nothing bad happened to me…………… all other is just money & metal….

nevertheless i´m sad 🙁



22´nd March – back online – Chowara

Hi There,

I´m back in the online world…wohooo….. 🙂 . During my stay in Chowara near Trivandrum I had no internet reception with my TATA USB device so I had to survive with all the internet and gadget stuff…. Wasn´t that hard 🙂

In fact there was a computer at the place I stayed but it was too much hazzle to prepare everything and transfer via usb..so you had to wait for this update…hope still someone is reading the blog 🙂 Continue reading

…near Kovallam..no internet…

Hi there,

just want to kep you updated. i´m in a small place near Kovallam but there i have no internet access. The Tata USB stick does not find any connection there even my cell phone has a very bad reception…. 🙁

So i will blog whenever it is possible again. I will stay there a couple of days so let´s see when i can update you….



10´th March…to all supporters…time to say thank you….

Hello there,

Just for all the people which read the blog and get in contact me regarding bike issues and give me tips and hints and look around for dealers or contacts in Bangalore; Hyderabad; Cochin etc….
I just have to say to all of you a big


It´s really overwhelming how much feedback I get and support from people I have just met once and we had some tea and then you get a call that they ran around trying to get some information 🙂

Not to forget also the support from home whenever there is something…thanks my dear 🙂

And a special thank to Platino Classic BMW Cars in Cochin!!! You guys did a great job…. !!! www.bmw-platinoclassic.in (I love your Air conditioned showroom ) Whenever you are on the road in south india and you get problems with the bike (special BMW) go there and ask for Elvis…. he´s the one….

Today I got the Brake pads changed there and we managed it to fix the broken lamp from the small crash two days ago….

Tomorrow i´m heading to Trivandrum (at least near by) and it should not take too long as it is just 160km. So I will start quiet late at 09or 10 a.m.
I´ll keep you updated

..using new web2.0….

Hi There,
so now it got me also…. i will try to use the new web2.0 as i´ve been asked a couple of times if i also have an account on twitter, facebook etc… here it is…
my twitter name is gqadvrider and in facebook you can find me also under the name Lutz gqadvrider…. i´m registered quite a while but never used these services so let´s see…. the twitterfeed will get updated when a new post is here in the blog…
thanks UB for the hint with the service at twitterfeed 🙂
…currently i´m in Ooty and i will update the blog soon…

28´th – Bangalore

Hi there,

just a short update. I´m now in Bangalore with a stopover  in Hampi which is a real cool historical place. I will update you soon.. i just have to much to do her ein Bangalore…. visit the colleagues… go to the BMW dealer here for checking the bike a bit and do some maintenance and the most annoying thing is my locked Tata Photon+ 3g internet access. These idio**** from the shop in Udaipur did not send the registration to the central wherever this is and so i can´t connect anymore… i must clarify this…. i hope i can re-regsiter here in B´lore again…. t´s very annoying and frustrating. I´ll keep you updated with some Pics and a complete post the next days….



P.s. today the 4070´th unique visitor hit the page in february……  🙂  thanks for reading here…. and thanks for all the comments and mails 🙂

Since 20´th feb…. Goa…. About Yoga and full beaches…

Hi there,
So I arrived finally in famous Goa. After staying only one night in Panjim (as the hotel did something wrong with my reservation and thee was no more room for further ni) I headed to south Goa to one of the most famous beaches here…Palolem Beach. I arrived and checked in onto a place which was recommended to me by friends and also by the Lonley Planet called Bakti Kutir. A famous place which is offering a chilled out atmosphere and Yoga classes. Continue reading

15´th – 20´th feb. Udaipur – Mandu – Pune – Goa……..finally

Hi there,
So I already updated the blog with some new routes from my Zumo600 device. It´s a nice little gadget this GPS device and I won´t miss it anymore. The maps I bought from Garmin for India are really quite exact just with some bypasses the device has some problems…..
I´m currently and finally for a couple of days in Goa for chill out and relaxation…. Hey working colleagues.. I just repeated the following command
Device_Brain: /flushcache forgetall -cpr3 -all_workflows –on_Call_duty_tasks -> execute

Haha….. works fine 🙂 Continue reading

..NEW video..finally…

Hi there,

i got an USB stick with a data flatrate from tata. So finally i´m able to log on whenever i have 3G coverage. I just uploaded a new Video from this very exhausting tour via the mountains from Haridwar to Shimla. It took me more long time to get to shimla.

So check out the Video India section… or here is the link to my Youtube Channel… (for the lazy ones which don´t want to look up in the menu bar 🙂 )