Long time no entries….

let´s see if i will update the blog more regularly in 2015. But as no big trips are planned i do not want to write a daily blog… never my intention for this website only for traveling reasons…

The newest fun gadget i have is this one:

I will try to film aerial with the quadcopter when traveling around…

Easter Tour Part4 – back home…

The best trip has to end so i  had to head back home. After a nice breakfast i started  at chilling temperatures to head back.. unfortunately i did not take many pictures as i had quite a long way home planned via the “Schauinsland” a road which is closed for motorbikes on the weekend and further on through the blackforest…

But here are the pictures from the start. It is very nice how the mist was in the valleys….

IMG_0176 IMG_0179

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New Pictures from a Beauty & Portrait Workshop


just been on a great day (last sunday) for a Beauty & Portrait workshop. The workshop was lead by Nina Schnitzenbaumer .

Great pics was the outcome by the end of the day but this was made easy as the model was acting so good and Nina explained a lot… I just can recommend the workshops with Nina… 🙂

Looking forward to part 2 of the workshop in november….

Pictures can be found at: http://lbroemel.de/pictures/beautyworkshop/ 


Also just redesigned the Gallery with a new section “Photo Workshops” as i took already some of them…


so finally i´m starting the trip. Currently i sit in the Frankfurt Airport and wait to the gate gets open 🙂 I can´t believe it… i´m really doing it after so log time just planning and talking about……

And thanks to my wife that she so understanding that i can go and do this trip 🙂

Meanwhile while you wait that i will post the first lifesigns from Delhi have fun reading this awesome ride report from an guy i have contact through an real coll indian bikder community/forum….

klick here

enjoy the ride report through south india and the pictures 🙂

cu in delhi


…some other very nice&usefull website…


as my brother plans to leave germany for ever and to live in Asia he has it´s own blog with a lot of useful information  and stuff… fell free to check out his website/Blog: http://www.4everasia.com/

It´s still a while until he leaves but anyhow.. always a safe trip and good Luck to him and his wife….. next Birthday Party for him will be under palmtrees at some beach somewhere…. (wow sounds cool 🙂 )

..some nice features and updates


the planning is a kind of stuck at the moment as i did not get any feedback from the customs agent in New Dehli and also the adress i should get for a contact in Kathmandu for the way back has not arrived yet. But i´m working already on a backup plan. Hope everything will work out soon 🙂

Here on the website i updated some pages and found some nice features:

Update 01.12.2010:

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…a lot of editing done….


i spend a cold & rainy day in front of the computer to update and renovate the webpage. Also i added here in the Blog the old blog entries of our 4 week trip to china (but it´s in german see -> “Blog der Chinareise 2010”  right hand side ). It´s a lot to read but with also a lot of picture links inside so enjoy it.

The route planning will go on soon so you will be updated how the progress will be….



Es geht los…..

…so langsam nimmt die Homepage Gestalt an und ich werde anfangen das Blog zu füllen. Irgendwie fehlt mir aber noch die vernünftige Software für “alles aus einer Hand” die mit SQL Datenbank im Hintergrund zurecht kommt und mit der ich eine Homepage,  Fotogalerie und einen Blog machen kann und das dann noch für MAC. Wenn jemand ideen hat dann immer her damit.