Tuesday 08´th – Monday 14´th long time no update….. (got sick)

Hello there,

Long time no update… I haven´t had any internet connection the last days and I also did not feel very comfortable to do any writing or to sit in an internet café somewhere…. But let´s start from the beginning……

…I enjoyed Bikaner a lot and headed to Jaisalmer on a fantastic road which made me speeding like hell… even 160km/h was possible sometimes…. I had a lot of fun. I arrived Jaisalmer within 4 1/2  h drive and found a nice accommodation via the lonely planet a bit outside of Jaisalmer near a sunset point. The Hotel is called desert Moon. Nice and clean rooms with a very helpful staff. The room was just 450rs and as I wanted to stay in the highly recommended place I got from a friend it was booked out the one night and on the other hand I did not want to spend all the time nearly 2500++rs per night.

I decided the same day to take a tour through the Jaisalmer Fort with an American couple I met in the hotel. Reel nice these two and I really enjoyed the time with them…if you read it here…many greetings again….

The Fort is really brilliant and interesting to see with it´s small streets and sideways…. The next day I went to the “desert” or better say to the famous Jaisalmer Dunes.

And there it happened…the day did not start well I have to say but then I made two big mistakes.

1)   I bought water on a tourist stand called “camel meeting point” without checking the seals of the bottles well enough

2)    I decided to ride through the sand with my bike without having the right tyres on or lowering the air pressure….

So these two thing had two effects….. I threw the bike a couple of times in the fu*** sand and had to get it up again… this caused back acking like hell and I was totally exhausted… now i got thirsty and I drank the water what was a good idea on the first look…. But in the night it began…. diarrhoea and vomiting the whole night long…. Feeling awful…. I checked the other bottles which i bought  in the morning and saw that the seal were manipulated… after opening them a strong smell of chloride came up to me and it was clear that this was just tub water or something else….. i hadn´t realized it as i was so thirsty in morning….

So I had to stay in the guesthouse and I felt terrible….. the next night was not much better but I decided to go to Jodpur anyway….. and forget about the idea with a camel trip… no way to go into the desert with a working WC near 🙂

The ride to jodpur was terrible…. feeling sick with a slight kind of fever and with  heat of about 33degres Celsius it was not a fun of ride even the road conditions were really good and only very few traffic.

I arrived in Jodpur after 6h. In Jodpur the Hotel I wanted to check in had only accommodation for one night and it costs 3000rs…. but I booked it. Feeling to terrible to search in the chaos of this city for another accommodation.

I got to bed at about 5 p.m. and slept until the next morning at 8:00. And this was really urgently needed.

I checked again if there would be a place for a lonely biker in the hotel but “no way” all booked out. Again I was not in the mood to look much around for another accommodation even the city looks quite interesting and also the big fort on the mountain would be interesting to see I decided to head to Udaipur and have a rest there for  at least a couple of days….

So I got on the road again heading to Udaipur…. the drive was fantastic and at the end I even stopped to mount the camera again. I was angry about myself that I had did not done it the last days but I was too distracted by other things the last days.

On the way out from Jodpur a car crashed me (just to mention it by the way)  but nothing serious happened. There must be all gods & goddesses of india plus the rest whatever have looked after me. In a roundabout I was nearly on my way out a car came from left behind me and bumped into my left paneer. The Aluminium paneers  absorbed most of the impact so nothing broke or damaged at the chassis (as far as I can see at last)

Sure i was kicked of the bike but I wasn´t fast anyway only about 5-10km/h. The Bike´s fender´s got some scratches and nothing happened to me. Immediately a crowd of 10-15 indian were there and as soon I did the “thumbs up” symbol that I was ok they helped me up and but the bike up on the side stand. The bast*** who hit me was vanished…..

But as mentioned neither the bike nor me had something damaged that was the most important….

keep you updated soon….


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  1. Oh dear! THis was what I would fear most about the trip you are taking. Sick with a BIKE! Hope you are feeling better now. Look on the bright side-you just boostered your immune system really well and have put your bike through the fires of Hell and emerged unscathed! Good for you! Best Wishs, Daina

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