15´th – 20´th feb. Udaipur – Mandu – Pune – Goa……..finally

Hi there,
So I already updated the blog with some new routes from my Zumo600 device. It´s a nice little gadget this GPS device and I won´t miss it anymore. The maps I bought from Garmin for India are really quite exact just with some bypasses the device has some problems…..
I´m currently and finally for a couple of days in Goa for chill out and relaxation…. Hey working colleagues.. I just repeated the following command
Device_Brain: /flushcache forgetall -cpr3 -all_workflows –on_Call_duty_tasks -> execute

Haha….. works fine 🙂 So back to the real important things in live……
Arrived after a great day of driving fantastic 4 lane roads I arrived in Udaipur (pictures). Nice city but with very tiny roads in the old part of the town were my hotel was located. You will see it on a video I have to finish. I met again the Us couple I was out one day in Jaisalmer and we just met for lunch again. Unfortunately I got some bad headache again so I couldn´t meet them in the evening… I guess it was still from the dyhadration… so I had to stay in the hotel the first evening….
Next day I visitied very early in the morning the Udaipur Palace which is really a fantastic piece of architecture (as far as I can judge this)… very impressive with a great view over the lake…. Later I just hang around and went around in Udaipur.
On 16´th feb I moved towards to Mandu. A real small little city with a lot of history (see Wikipedia)
The trip to Mandu was very nice in the beginning but again I had the “luck” that I had to go through 60km of construction. Also I took twice a wrong way…even with the GPS and this caused ma about 2h of extra time. So is happened that I had to go the last 10km up the mountains in total darkness. A thing I really tried to avoid but I had to go….. It was very exhausting ….

Here is the route:

I stayed two nights in Mandu (pictures) so that I had one full day for resting and do some little sightseeing. And in Mandu I had a fascinating view on other travellers…. Perhaps i´m getting old and conservative but I saw a couple of these so called “long-term-travellers” which is at least 6month or much more time they are on the road and I realized some interesting points:
– at least 1/3 of them has rasta hair (but very shabby kind)
– these ones NEVER wear shoes…. (perhaps as solidarity to the poor in India???)
– And as a kind of uniform they have to show up in the most rotten unwashed and worn down clothes you can imagine….
That was kind of interesting and I had some nice conversation with a indian shop owner how he (and perhaps other Indians) see the “westerners” traveling through india…. It was very amusing for me…..
From Mandu I made the 600km trip to Pune as I decided to go a more direct way to the south and to skip Daman…. Also I wanted to avoid to go near Mumbai traffic…. I had enough of city traffic….

So I headed on 18´th feb. to Pune.
Was a great ride again on fantastic roads down the NH3 until I reached Nashik. From there I had to follow the NH50 which was just a simple street with a hell of traffic again and I got in some serious traffic jams. But finally I got to my Hotel I choose from the Lonely Planet. The Hotel Surya Villa . In Pune still the Ashram of Bhagwan (or the rest of it) is alive so you see a lot of westerners (but also Indians) in these red clothing when they head to they mediations in the morning.
I think it was in the 1990´s when it was posh in Germany…. Or even the 80´s i´m not sure.
Unfortunately I found my DSLR totally dusted from the travel  so I went to a great Canon support shop were they fixed & cleaned it perfectly for 1200.-rs….

On the 20´th feb I headed now finally south to Goa to take some day off from biking and to some chill out and relax…. (NO i´m not one of these guys going for a meditation camp… and my hair is really too short for rasta…..)

so chill out and relax 🙂 … more to come soon….

5 thoughts on “15´th – 20´th feb. Udaipur – Mandu – Pune – Goa……..finally

  1. Hi Lutz,

    unter der letzten Bilderserie sind ja fantastische Bilder dabei, aber vermutlich werden die Bilder automatisch klasse, egal wohin man die Kamera hält, bei den Panoramen 😉 Mein Fernweh steigt, besonders wenn ich den Kopf nach rechts drehe, und auf unser graues Parkhaus blicke…
    Ich wünsche weiterhin eine gute Tour und hab’ noch viel Spaß!

  2. GOA!!! I lve that place… was there end of last month and had a blast.. there is a famous fort there… forgot the name, but try to go there cuz it has an amazing view of the ocean…

    Cheers! enjoy!…. Oh and try out “Pheni”… Its the local drink of Goa and its freakin awesome!! 🙂

  3. Interesting log there!
    I have asked around for the help you needed, lets see if someone can help!

    the fort area is probably North of Goa (and called Fort Agaoda which has the Taj hotel there)

    North Goa is a busy place, South Goa is more laidback!

  4. thanks a lot 🙂 still waiting for the feedback of the BMW dealer in Mumbai/B´lore but the guys from the hotel are looking forward that it should be no problems to get these kind of tires in B´lore at all… so let´s fingers cross… it´s not urgent by now but it will get a theme to get new tires….. Thanks for your help!

  5. Damn it , you went to nashik, thats where my parents live! Loving reading your blog, giving me some nice insights about the different places I never visited! Great going!

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