Since 20´th feb…. Goa…. About Yoga and full beaches…

Hi there,
So I arrived finally in famous Goa. After staying only one night in Panjim (as the hotel did something wrong with my reservation and thee was no more room for further ni) I headed to south Goa to one of the most famous beaches here…Palolem Beach. I arrived and checked in onto a place which was recommended to me by friends and also by the Lonley Planet called Bakti Kutir. A famous place which is offering a chilled out atmosphere and Yoga classes.
But in the first sight I got badly disappointed. The rooms should cost 1300++ (with shared Bathroom) or 1500++ ensuite but in a kind of two store building made out of wood. So I took the ensuite room. And got someone living above me. It was ridiculous for this price. You could hear EVERYthing what was done said or spoken from the above room….. But the single Bungalows are even more expensive… So I decided to stay one night and look for something different.
After refreshing myself a little bit I went to the restaurant of the “resort” to grab something to eat. They are famous for their organic and healthy cooking and I must say the food was worth every rupee it cost. It was delicious. I met two german ladies which are here for their Yoga Guru (or whatever you call it) to learn more Yoga….. That´s fine for me but as they tried to convince me to start also Yoga and that also the Massage treatments are SO good and fantastic I thought perhaps it would be better to leave the table.
But then the real laugher happened….they were talking about “Mantra Singing at sunset” and about stuff like this…. woohooo….. I thought that must the the Ganja (stuff to smoke) that makes you talk like this… so I left the place asap as it was really just too much to take for me….. I was just wondering were I got here….????? I don´t want offend anybody who is reading here but who knows me knows my opinion about this esoteric-mantra-singing-organic-healthy-food-long-living-meditaion bull***** So…. Sorry that’s my Blog….If you feel offended visit your psychotherapeutic to talk about my problems 🙂 But not all are like this i met a real nice english couple which i spend a great evening with and they were also here for their yoga but they just looked at it normal and did not made a big deal out of it as some others do…. just to mention that!

Next thing I wanted to explore was the famous Palolem Beach… and I couldn´t believe it. It was full and packed with people mostly from Russia, which were the total other part of these esoteric spiritual people I met before. The mantra of the guys at the beach was to get drunk as fast as possible just to fall into coma to get up again to drink more…. Sounds more fun to me but I really didn´t feel to join them. I´m really getting old now…

Some pics from the Beach:

So these were my first experiences to Palolem Beach… a bit disappointing but I have the feeling that it will get better day by day….. Just be easy and chill….. oh my god they are starting to assimilate me… I can feel the good vibes in the air 🙂

so be easy and stay tuned….

5 thoughts on “Since 20´th feb…. Goa…. About Yoga and full beaches…

  1. ach ich würde trotzdem gerne tauschen mit Dir, ich nehm den vollen Strand, ich singe auch am Strand Mantras – kein Problem; und Du darfst hier statt dessen mein Auto frei kratzen 🙂

  2. kommt halt immer drauf an mit was für Erwartungen man irgendwohin gefahren ist…. auch wenn es schön ist kann es auf den ersten Blick enttäuschend wirken…. klar in der Kälte sitzend schwer nachvollziehbar 🙂

  3. ich musste herzlich lachen, als ich den Eintrag gelesen hatte… leider zum falschen Zeitpunkt, habe den Blog gelesen als ich noch heute Abend im Unterricht war 🙂

  4. Du siehst das falsch – schonmal über eine eigene Karriere als Yoga-Guru nachgedacht? Gewisse Grundvoraussetzungen wie die Figur eines Buddha… – Gut, dass ich weit weg sitze 😉

  5. Hehehe, you and yoga or mantras, oh and DrSSL another one who is too lazy too eat?? lol Lutz has the figure of a greek god. Good blog entry, waiting for another video.
    PS.: my inet keeps going down, dam 1&1

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