25´th feb…still Goa…. But ready to leave….

Hi there,

So i´m still in Goa. It´s easy to get stuck here as after the first days I found another nice beach called Patnem beach which is only 5mins walk away from the bungalows I have moved to.

Currently I stay at Sewas Bungalows, which are very simple Bamboo huts with “bucket shower” and no big luxury. But they are very clean and it is just great to have a bathroom without a roof. Every morning it is just great step into the bathroom and look above and you see the sky and hear all the nature around you. Fantastic!! Check out the pics…!!!! And the price is unbeatable for 500.-rs/night

Patnam Beach isn´t as full as as Palolem Beach and you can find real nice spots here to eat and go out in the evening. So it´s a nice place to stay.

One day I did a trip to a old Fort at Cap de Rama which was a great tip (Thanks Amithaba) I only did the mistake to go there with my bike gear equipped so I nearly got a heat stroke as it is really hot here during the daytime. Next time I do something like this I perhaps just wear more light clothes or I got by Autorikscha…. Still i´m still thinking always going with the safety Gear on all the time even for short distance trips…. on the way back to the Beach i saw some real colourfull houses…i had to take pics of them. And extra for the tourists they even but up big warnings of Speedbrakers i tell you these thinks can really mess up the suspension of the bike…..

I met some nice People here like Jeff from Maine (USA) which I hang around some evenings and we had a great time…. So I will see if he really will manage it to come to Germany one day 🙂 Also greetings to Ulrike from germany.. was nice to go out perhaps we will meet again and you come with your husband and the BMW to HD 🙂

The pics i took from the young girl were spontaneous on the street she was selling drink coconuts the little one.. I´m still to shy to ask people for pictures sometimes…

As it is too easy to et stuck here and I already extended my stay for one day I will head to hampi by tomorrow. And on Monday I will get finally to Bangalore to meet all the guys from SAP….it´s going to be fun I guess…. So stay tuned..


P.s. Nashik´s a nice place… and the landscsape coming from northwards was just Stunning…..

P.s.s. DrSSL… i guess i know who you are with this synonymous 🙂 We´ll meet again at the thai restaurant i assume.. Let´s have a word then 🙂

P.s.s.s.: Thanks for all the nice comments 🙂

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