01´st March – Hampi – Bangalore

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Here´s the promised update…..

After leaving Goa which, I found very nice after all and I already miss as i´m now again in the city, I headed toward Hampi. This was a very spontaneous decision as I read about it in the Lonely Planet and some people I met in Goa recommended me the place to visit. It was a very nice drive along the coast into Karnataka state along the coastline until Karva and then I turned into the the mountains up to Hubli.

A funny situatin again happened at the state border between Goa <-> Karnataka. I arrived very early there as I left Palolem Beach already at 07:00a.m. to have an easy drive with less traffic. So I approached to the state border. As I came up the road the bar was open but the guys on Goa side screamed and waved at me to slow down and yelled stop…stop..stop…. 🙂

I just waved back and speeded up so they couldn´t close the bar fast enough and I was through… don´t know what they wanted from me but I was not in the mood to answer stupid questions as more than 300km were ahead to go 🙂

The way through the mountains was gorgeous.  A great experience to go with the bike with very few traffic at this time and a lot of curves. Just awesome.

I arrived Hubil which is quite a busy city and headed forward to Hampi. This was not the best way as it was a hell of traffic but I managed to arrive in Hamp at about 02:00p.m. I was looking for a special hotel but I drove through the ruine field like crazy asking people which send me in any direction but not to the place I wanted to go. So I ended up in Hospet, a close city near Hampi, and booked a room in a very nice but a little expensive Hotel (2000rs/night).

Next day I rented a Autorikscha for the whole day (700rs) and explored for 8h the large ruins at Hampi.  It was a big city with approx.. 500.000 people living here in former times and so the area to discover is huge. After 8h I really had enough and I had to go back into the hotel….and yes I forgot to cream so I got a bit sunburned …. Arghhhhh…should have known better 🙁

More pictures can be found in the picture Gallery HAMPI

On 28´th I started early at 07:00 a.m. to Bangalore…. I went the NH13 to chitradurgha (i hope that was written correct…) and to go on the NH4 to B´lore. Just reached th NH13 a real big truck queue awaited me. With a lot of sneaking between the trucks and  squeezing through every space I could find I crawled forward until I saw the reason for the whole mess. A large overload truck bend over and  three of four other trucks rushed into it during the night. So it was a big mess with a total chaos of traffic. The whole truck queue on both side of the accident was about 20km. And some supid id*** of other drivers tried anyway to go by and pass the  trucks. Oh..did I remember it was a normal road with only two lanes?? So some of these guys  opened up a third or even fourth lane just to get stuck again as another car, or even a bus which was worse, came upfront of them. So stuck again. For go´s sake I was lucky to find my way through this big mess. And after that the road was nice and free as everything was stuck behind me in the traffic jam.

I came to some real bad road parts again but after 3h I was relieved and I reached the NH4. I couldn´t believe my luck. I heard the NH4 is a god road but this was awesome. 4 lanes with a middle wall and sometime even a wall on the outer side of the road. So now cow/chicken!!! or whatsoever could just cross the street. So I speeded up to go as fast as possible to go B´lore and be there before the big heat comes up. Even I went on some parts 180km/h it did not work out. I reached Bangalore with it´s famous traffic just during the hottest part. After 1h in Bangalore city traffic I saw the logo of my employer and it really felt a little bit like “coming home” 🙂 Sounds strange but to see the logo was something familiar in a foreign country. So I showed my pass and even the guard at the entrance gate was looking a bit funny when he saw my bike but he let me pass and I entered the campus.

I met the colleagues (most of them the first time as we normally just have contact with mail& phone) and I was very very nice. After that I went to the hotel which was booked through our team assist just close to the office and I was so glad that I had not to go through the  city traffic again.

In 1´st march I went to the BMW bike dealer here in Bangalore…. But that´s another interesting story for another blog entry…so stay tuned …


7 thoughts on “01´st March – Hampi – Bangalore

  1. Great entry Lutz, any chance for some photos of the trip in the mountains? That would be excellent.

  2. no just have some videos from the ride but i haven´t found the time to work on them….

  3. Hi Lutz,

    Great thatyou finished most part of the journey & enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any plans or riding towards Hyderabad after bangalore. Will be glad to meet you.



  4. Sure i will go to Hyderabad….but the date is not fixed ye. Now i´m going down more southwards and then the east coast up again until Mahabs -> chennai -> b´lore -> Hyderabed… but when is not sure i´ll keep you updated (and write it in the blog for sure)

  5. Enjoy the Indian summer from hereon.

    Buy a jumbo sized jar of sun screen! and some Electrol from the chemsists around.

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