2nd – 4´th Bangalore – Mysore (BMW Dealer disappointment in B´lore)…

Hi there,
So as promised here´s the story of my BMW experience in Bangalore. I called Navnit motors in B´lore and made up a date to come around on the 1´st of March for a quick check of the bike and for discussing the “tire-problem” As I showed up nobody was aware that I wanted to come. After long time waiting they found a mechanic who was “officially” trained for BMW motorbikes.
The look he had when he saw my bike did me feel not very confident. I asked if they can make an oil change (as I had the Filter even with me) and if the brake pads need to be replaced. A 20second look to the brakes and he said, “not needed”… for the oil he went awai and wanted to check what sort of is needed and if they have it.

After 30mins he came back and told me that I need an oil sort they have not in stock and they need 2-3days to get it. Wow….i thought I can use 20w-50 which you can get in a lot of Gastrol shops. For clarification which oil I called my Bike Dealer in Germany (thanks Bernd!!!) and it was clear that also this can´t be done now as they need a couple of days to get the oil at Navnit Motors in Bangalore.
With the tires the same game as before, I asked and waited…asked again and waited again and then I left the shop as i already spent 5h in this “house of incompetence”.

Just as I arrived at the hotel I got an call from Navnit Motors that they need about 2-3MONTHS to get new tires. I asked what would happen if I would have bought a bike at them and the tire would have a problem… so the mechanic answered that the indian customer have to wait also… And this for a bike of that value and price here in india… just ridiculous.
So I will do the oil change at a nice river nearby as all Indians do (just kidding I wont do so but I have seen it) but I will do it when i´m down in kerala. I hope I get a nice mechanic shop down there were I can do it…also the brakes…. With the tires I have to go to the “fall back plan CZ” hehe…I hope that works out well….. 😉

On the evening I went out with some colleagues which had time (in so short notice) and we went near MG road (mahatma Ghandi Road) into a bar/restaurant/bowlinghouse called Amoeba… I like he name…. 🙂 Was a great evening and I hope we can repeat this when i´m back in B´lore in a couple of weeks.

On 3´rd March I left Bangalore to head to Mysore. Was again an nice ride on nice roads but to get to these roads I had to go all through Bangalore. Until now I never had big problems with the traffic in Bangalore… just the chaos as usual. But leaving Bangalore was a pain.
I needed 2 ½ hours to get out of town. Totally swet and exhausted I hit the road to Mysore which was fine then. I just checked the tracked route i have not been complete through B´lore… i assume i would have taken me the whole day going straight through the city…. 🙁

Arriving in Mysore I got a quite overpriced hotel and next day I moved the Hotel Palace Plaza which offered me a nice room for 800Rs. That was quite a fair deal.
Today 4´th I went to the city palace and had some nice walks through the city. In fact mysore is a nice place and much smaller than Bangalore and if I would have more time here there are some nice places to discover. Pictures Klickme

But honestly i´m fed up with cities at the moment. So I will head to Ooty tomorrow and stay thee for two nights up in the hill station.
So more to come in a few days…..

The sunset just in the moment i write this Blog entry from the rooftop terrace of the Hotel..btw…approx 32celsius 🙂

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