05´th – 09´th March Mysore – Ooty – Allaphuza – a lot happened

Hi there,

I´m realizing i´m getting a bit lazy writing the blog  🙂

So here are the updates….. I had to stay one more night in Mysore as the fever and diarrhoea got me again.

Thanks god it just took me only one day to recover. The only annoying was the hotel room. As I felt really bad I asked for a room with A/C and it should be quite. Ok it got A/C but in the afternoon a generator nearby was running the whole time so it was a hard time to recover. Also the cinema next to the hotel has a bass system which was quite impressive…. Even I could hear it…. But the hotel stuff was very nice and helped me out a lot.

Nevertheless the next day on sat. 5´th I went further on to Ooty. A very nice hill station in south India (and already in Tamil Nadu state but i get back to Kerala….funny these state borders with the “customs” always we don´t have this in germany between our states – mhh perhaps we should do one to Bavaria 🙂 )

The ride to this hill station was one of the most spectacular I had since I was in India. I never rode such a steep and small road my entire life. It was fantastic except that even on this road busses and truck were going and when you hear a horn just when you want to go around a pin bend you´d better stop because they don´t…. I recorded it on video but my line I really bad with the Photon Stick from Tata so i don´t know if it is working to upload the video…i´ll give it a try later… See on the map the hight display how fast you got up to Ooty….

Arriving in Ooty I first realized that it was much cooler….max 25…very nice. And a nice air. I checked the GPS and the Hotel was 2200m above sea level… wow…

Hotel Darshan is a good choice when you want it a bit quiet and not in the city center. They even provided me a special parking with the bike on the 3´rd floor of the hotel which is build along the hill with terraces…so I could go up there and park the bike directly below my room…. Fantastic….

Next day after a freezing night which I needed 2 blankets as it cooled down to 12degrees I did some sightseeing. Boathouse at the lake of Ooty and the highest peak Doddabetta in south india (approx2600m).  (Here are the pictures klickme)….i got reminded to emphasize the picture links a bit more!!!! 🙂 Thanks UB…

Ooty is one of the first places I really totally enjoyed and I wished I had much much more time to spend… it was a very pleasant surprise as I did not expect much and I did not know much about the place before…..

But even here were i liked it very much I had to move on so I started my trip down the mountains to Allaphuza or Allephey (most of the cities here  have different spellings and pronounciation I assume that just to drive foreigner into craziness as when you ask the way on the first approach nobody will know from which place you are talking about 🙂 )

And then my NIGHTMARE became reality!!!

My horn did not work anymore……arghhhhhhhhhhhh i´m lost… i´m damned in traffic craziness…. I became a NOTHING in the traffic…even a guy on the bicycle could run me over as they can yell at least but I had the helmet on….

So I got real stressed for the next 50km all down the mountains as there was no real good place to stop and check what is wrong… I tell you it was a nightmare….

Reaching the plains again and get shocked by the heat down there (you must know I started the trip at 07a.m. at 12degrees). I stopped and found out that I have a loose contact on one  of the connectors for the horn. But nothing I could do anyway… I tried a bit and it start working again; or not; just as it liked….

So that was the day I found out I have a female horn on (or at?) my bike…. It does what I say – or not – just as it likes…. 🙂

Then I small motorbike ran into me and I got crashed the second time I was on the road in India.. He just didn´t see me…. (or was it because I did not horn??). I was standing and he just ran into my front wheel  knocking me off the bike… Nothing happened to me but one of my extra lights got broken and I fixed it with some tape. I hope I can glue it when i´m in Allephey or in Kovallam….. I was a bit upset and the guy totally sorry. Immediately a crowd gathered again around me but as they saw how sorry the guy was and that we are not mad on each other they were standing just curious.

Luckily nothing happened to the bike frame and tires…at least on the first sight…. Let´s see what damages the final inspection brings when i´m back in germany at my BMW dealer…(so prepare on a lot of checking Bernd & Co 🙂 )

So going through the heat I headed forward to Allephey. And then I got another moment of excitement I rather liked to miss 🙂

The temperature reached the 40degrees and climbed even up to 41…. So even riding on a real nice 4 lane road with not so much traffic with 120km/h and standing to get more air did not cool me down anymore.

You can see it on the picture I took left handed with my backup Camera the Panasonic Lumix while driving 🙂  See below right corner…. And for the others which already asked me here you can see the high-tech command post of Spaceship GS – Mission India 🙂  (that´s how sometimes the people look at it a last)

– Upper left the Zumo660 GPS with maps of India

– Upper right my Contour HD1080 Video Camera on the RAM mount

– todo: I really should find a place for the IPad to watch some movies 🙂

Passing through Cochin I saw a BMW car dealer and with my last disappointment in mind I was not sure if I should stop or not to ask for help for my female horn.

But I tried. And it was a very very good decision. Haroon if you read this you know why 🙂

The manager and the whole stuff were fantastic and they helped me out, fixed the horn and I even could come the next days to change my Brake pads there as the rear pads are really worn down. Fantastic. So at the end a not very good day ended up perfect… also the place i´m currently staying is really nice and so let´s see what the next days will bring… i´ll keep you updated…


3 thoughts on “05´th – 09´th March Mysore – Ooty – Allaphuza – a lot happened

  1. Hi Lutz,

    I’m really happy that you could find some help for issues in bike & i think the BMW dealership in Cochin was the right thing. Hope you get all the issues sorted out. Else if you are coming down to Hyderabad you have a exclusive service center’s from BMW under the name KUN Exclusive > Service
    Tel.: +91 40 446 56544
    Fax: +91 40 446 56555

    I can check for the Help that you need with them as this center is on the way to my work place. Also about the tyre you can send the spec’s so that i can check with a few dealers here in hyderabad who import tyres for Sports bikes.

    You can mail me at naijo_vinchel@yahoo.com to let me know about your plan fro Hyderabad.



  2. Hello Najio,

    thanks a lot 🙂 I really highly appreciate the help of all te poeple her ein india i meet during my travels. If i need anything or there is a problem i will get in contact with you..anyway we should meet for a beer in the evening in Hyderabad… i also got help from Bangalore and with the tires i hope to update you all on upcoming sunday…. let´s see and wait….

  3. Hi Lutz,

    do you really wonder about your horn? You possibly used it 1000 times the amount compared to what you would have used it in its whole life while riding through Germany.

    I guess one can name that as good quality work 😉


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