10´th March…to all supporters…time to say thank you….

Hello there,

Just for all the people which read the blog and get in contact me regarding bike issues and give me tips and hints and look around for dealers or contacts in Bangalore; Hyderabad; Cochin etc….
I just have to say to all of you a big


It´s really overwhelming how much feedback I get and support from people I have just met once and we had some tea and then you get a call that they ran around trying to get some information 🙂

Not to forget also the support from home whenever there is something…thanks my dear 🙂

And a special thank to Platino Classic BMW Cars in Cochin!!! You guys did a great job…. !!! www.bmw-platinoclassic.in (I love your Air conditioned showroom ) Whenever you are on the road in south india and you get problems with the bike (special BMW) go there and ask for Elvis…. he´s the one….

Today I got the Brake pads changed there and we managed it to fix the broken lamp from the small crash two days ago….

Tomorrow i´m heading to Trivandrum (at least near by) and it should not take too long as it is just 160km. So I will start quiet late at 09or 10 a.m.
I´ll keep you updated

One thought on “10´th March…to all supporters…time to say thank you….

  1. I am so enjoying your journey thru your blog. Your “better half” gave it to me. What a gal she is to let you go for 3 months! Kathy

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