…near Kovallam..no internet…

Hi there,

just want to kep you updated. i´m in a small place near Kovallam but there i have no internet access. The Tata USB stick does not find any connection there even my cell phone has a very bad reception…. 🙁

So i will blog whenever it is possible again. I will stay there a couple of days so let´s see when i can update you….



2 thoughts on “…near Kovallam..no internet…

  1. Hi Lutz,

    it is great to read your blog and to see that your are fine and you get this overwhelming support from the guys down there in India .. Enjoy your trip and take care … see you when you are back in Germany ..


  2. Hey lutz
    Long time!!! no updates…hope everything is fine 🙂 if you encountered any real problems do let me know. I could do what ever to ensure your safety.

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