22´nd March – back online – Chowara

Hi There,

I´m back in the online world…wohooo….. 🙂 . During my stay in Chowara near Trivandrum I had no internet reception with my TATA USB device so I had to survive with all the internet and gadget stuff…. Wasn´t that hard 🙂

In fact there was a computer at the place I stayed but it was too much hazzle to prepare everything and transfer via usb..so you had to wait for this update…hope still someone is reading the blog 🙂

So what happened….???

From Allephey I headed to Trivandrum and further on to a place called Chowara…. A small fisherman village on the coast of Kerala. There a friend of mine has a small accommodation at a local friend who is running a school project for children taking some extra classes in the morning. For more information about the accomodation just check out the website: http://www.go2india.de/.

Paulose and his family  (PICTURES KLICKME) are fantastic hosts and to stay there was just fantastic… his wife prepared every evening a fantastic meal and it was real indian cooking…

The village itself is real life India…. With all pros and cons. Pros are the natural of the people and how friendly they are. It´s fascinating how religious people are  (PICTURES KLICKME) when there was a procession on the beach for an open Air church.

Cons was the dogs…all over the village you could hear them in the night time and it really takes awhile to get asleep and learn to ignore them barking and fighting at night…

After a couple of days later my friend Christian came to visit me and the (long time ago) mentioned fall back plan CZ for the tires worked out. He was able to bring me the needed tires from Germany. Luckily the customs seemed to ignore what was loaded on his trolley when he left the airport so we got no problems with this.

He rented a old and worn down Enfield and so we did some nice tours through the countryside of Kerala. Another day we headed down to the southest point of india in Kanyakumari…. (PICTURES KLICKME). It was Christians second ride on the Enfield and the first one with such a distance… “Incredible India” ….that´s in the future the slogan for us to talk about all the craziness you appear when beeing on the road in India…  But we made it safe through the day and had a lot of fun. At the end I think he really liked the riding in India.

Another day we went to Neyyar Dam  (PICTURES KLICKME) with some Elephant sanctuary nearby. Fascinating when you get so close to these big animals… in Germany you just see them in the zoo locked away to any contact with the visitor… here you got direct to them and it was another great day out on the bikes. On my last day we strolled around through the village and here are some impressions of it: (PICTURES KLICKME)

And one special picture for “marc bmw” as reply on the comment from 2011/01/26…and our conversations at the day I was at the “repair course”

I didn’t hit it 🙂  but that chicken is for you……

And one of the best experiences at the end 🙂

I got in contact with Fayad from the XBHP Indian Biker community forum  (http://www.xbhp.com/) and we met at Kovallam Beach with some other friends (PICS BEACH) for a real great afternoon ride to Varkalla Beach and some Heliport Spot…. (where no Heli is).

Hey Guys…thanks for the cool ride it was really great…. The Video will come asap…. I just haven´t enough bandwith currently… (PICTURES KLICKME)

And if you think Indians drive crazy… TRY TO DRIVE BY NIGHT THROUGH TRIVANDRUM… in my opinion the bus and truck drivers are kind of Yedi´s…. they close the eyes and start speeding… may the toddy (or other boose stuff) be with you and guide you… everything that is smaller as another truck is not existing…… as I said before… “Incredible India”  🙂

So that´s all for now… more from Madurei will come soon…

Bye for now says Incredible India biker lutz…..

3 thoughts on “22´nd March – back online – Chowara

  1. Hi Lutz,
    you have to be one crazy bike rider by now.
    After my weekend trip from Bangalore to Mysore and Coorg I am sure that in order to survive you have to forget anything you learned in Germany and ride like the devil.

    Keep Safe


  2. “in order to survive you have to forget anything you learned in Germany and ride like the devil”

    LMAO – That is so true!

    Glad to know the trivandrum team helped!

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