24´th march Madurei – Pondicherry

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I finally arrived in Pondicherry..the place I was 5 years ago and an very nice “see again”…. The last post was done in Madurei. The road from Trivandrum to Madurai was again just the finest you could go… nearly no traffic and a four lane road with new pavement…. On the way up to Madurei I passed a huge field of wind energy generators… with the mountains in the scene it looked fantastic…(PICTURES KLICKME)

Also here a pic from my bike fully loaded also with my spare tires now….

I stayed in Madurei just two nights and I was unlucky that I was in Madurei on one of the few days the temple Is really closed because of the marriage day festival of the goddesses…
When I walked to the temple I thought it´s the same old trick the touts do in Thailand when you want to visit the kings Palace/Temple Area in Bangkok. Also there they tell you that the temple is closed so that you are take a round trip with them in the Tuk-Tuk (Autorikscha).
But here it was really so that the temple was closed….. So I just took some outside fotos (PICTURES KLICKME) and then I was lucky to meet an English guy (hi Jack…) which had a arrangement with an autorikscha driver to get him to another temple a little bit outside of the city…. So I joined him and we had a great time at these temple and some other places we went around…. (PICTURES KLICKME)
Later I went in the hotel for a rest as the temperatures are really high at the moment….
We met later again and grabbed something to eat at the hotel rooftop restaurant.. And the it was really funny.. we went in the lonely planet mentioned Apollo69 Bar in the hotel basement were I stayed… wohoo….back to the 80´s 🙂

The whole interior was designed like a spaceship and it really looked a little bit like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars…. But more simple and with a lot old led lights in the corners and ceiling… and the music was kind a techno trance whatever 80´s discomix…. It was just funny… and at 10p.m. the music stopped and the silence time started….. somehow they were not allowed to party on longer…
Next day I headed to Pondicherry…again on fantastic road and the whole ride of 350km just took me 5h. And I was happy about that as it is really hot here and with all the full biking gear in it´s quite exhausting. The way out of Madurei I recorded with my camera so I will bring uo a nice movie of the city craziness of incredible india driving… even it was early 8a.m. and the roads were not so crowded it was “fun” to go through 🙂

In Pondi I stay now the second day and I really like this city. It´s nice and with all the French road names you feel a little bit like in Europe…except the heat again. Being here the second time I take it much more relaxed for sightseeing and there is also not so much to see at all. So strolling around in the city is the thing to do in first place…. Enjoy the photos…(PICTURES KLICKME) I also met some nice people from England (now living in Australia and an Indian living in Norway…. Am I the only one born and living in the same country????? …we had a great time yesterday watching the Cricket game Australia <> India… and India WON…  🙂
More to come…

I think this will be one of my all time favorite Pictures…..

Inside the mountain temple at Madurei…. lights falling through a ceiling hole… unfortunately you should not take photos there so i did not take more.. it was just told me after i have taken this single shot….

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  1. this picture is really impressing, looks like god is directly looking through the skies into this temple

    ..thank you for your blog .. now i was able to made a short trip to India through your eyes ..

    the funniest picture was the one with the two toilett entries for big and samll gentleman ..very funny …
    i wish you a more nice days in India ..

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