28´th –Mahaballipuram – last entry at the seaside….

Hi there,

After a couple of wonderful days in Pondicherry I headed more north up the cost to Mahaballipuram. On the way up there I took some nice shots from being on the road…also a big area before Mahabs is used for gaining salt. (PICTURES KLICKME)

Mahaballipuram is a very historic (and touristic) place which I also visited a couple of years ago with my girlfriend…. I had choosen to go to Mahabs instaed of doing a daytrio from pondi as this will save me about 1-2h driving when i´m proceeding to Bangalore.

I checked in to the same hotel I stayed a couple of years ago…it was nearly the same but the tsunami years ago changed really the coatline of the hotel. The Beach is total different and I was astonished how much it was changed.

The next day I did some nice sightseeing in Mahaballipuram (PICTURES KLICKME) even it was hot again…. I didn´t go with the bike as I di not want to walk around with these big boots all the time and sweat to death again like it was in Goa…. 🙂

The shore Temple and the five Rathas wer very impressive again and I strolled around in Mahabs town also a little bit… nothing special but nice….

So on 29´th I headed to Bangalore. But that´s another story just chck the picture of the “Naked Trucks KLICKME“…. So stay tuned even It takes some time currently to update the blog…



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  1. Hi Lutz,

    Happy to see your progress. I think there are still some interesting places around for you to explore. Let me know if you coming towards Hyderbad well in advance, so that we can meet.



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