…some driving safety instructions for India :-).. new Video…

Hi There,

i just finished a short “fun-video” regaring driving tips for India…. Just some things which i experienced here….

enjoy 🙂

4 thoughts on “…some driving safety instructions for India :-).. new Video…

  1. HEHE should call it ’25 ways to lose your licence if driving like this in Europe’ I think you’ll find it difficult to drive, once back in Germany.

  2. hey lutz, welcome to india, enjoy your stay and hope u have a great ride.

    i am a cross country rider based in baroda (gujarat)

    i am sure you have good guidance already but in case ur stuck for anything,,, drop me a line. All strangers are friends in waiting….
    p.s. like the videos uv made..
    ride safe
    and be humble (a very common mistake people from the west make is to bring their arrogance with them….when all they have to do is to behave like a good guest should)

  3. Hi Vikas,
    i´ll try to adopt as possible here in india.. it´s embarrassing how some westerners behave sometimes.. i already wrote it in the blog.. it was in the Mandu part….

    thanks for your offer of support.. unfortunately i´m not coming to Gujarat anymore…. not this time at least..
    best regards

  4. Hi Lutz,

    I like tip #5 “If the way is free go for speed”. But for me the way was not always free, at least when the bus was on the other lane. But I am not a biker, and I am not used to indian traffic.

    Amazing video …

    cu in 1 month

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