4´th April – Bangalore – Hyderabad

Hi There,
So first the bad news… the blog will be updated earliest next Sunday… The reason for this is that I changed my flight date for Germany and now I have to be in Dehli already on the 11´th April in order to get all clear with the customs for my bike.
Currently i´m in Hyderabad and so I have a long way to go…unfortunately I have to skip Varanasi but this is on my list for next time India….and believe me there will be a next time… but now what happened so far?
I headed up from Mahaps to Bangalore on a real nice and fast road and arrived in the late afternoon.
The next few days were just nice…I met working colleagues and went out for dinner with them and enjoyed the time being in Bangalore. As the evenings were full of appointments the days were also quite busy. I tried to find some good place to get my tire changed but none of the shops I visited together with a mate I met in Ooty (thanks for all of that btw) looked for me trustworthy enough to get it done there. So the next day I went to my “fantastic” BMW dealer and wanted it to get it done there.
It worked out…at least with the rear tire 🙁

It took “just” 5h for the rear tire to change as they had no machines to get the tire out of the rim. So they had to go to another shop to get it done there. For the front tire a special tool is needed which I have with me. But as I went to a BMW dealer were they SELL these bikes I hadn´t it with me. I expected this should be available without any problems. But also this tool is not available at the BMW Dealer… they don´t have it… unbelievable…. So I left my old front tire on and I hope it will last until i´m in Delhi. In case of emergency I have a spare with me at last.
The mechanic was very sorry and they even cleaned my bike but still I feel a bit disappointed by the service BMW in India overs for bike owners, which buy bikes there.
After the big match day for the cricket worldcup on Saturday I planned to go to Hyderabad on sunday. … btw just to mention the nice Saturday afternoon I had at a working colleagues place… thanks for that it was awesome and you play the violin very well just to mention that again..! Carpe Diem 🙂

The road to Hyderabad was also very well and I hit the road with top speeds up to 180++ and I made it to get the 575km within 6h done…. And it was really hot that day.. 39c++ so this was the hard part as even with more than 1xxkm/h the wind is not cooling anymore and it gets very exhausting. I´m glad having the camel back in my jacket which i constantly refill with ice cold water so i consume 4-6l a day easily….

Do you see the shadow of the Bike??? The sun is really nearly direct from above…. awesome….

In Hyderabad I just have one day for sightseeing so I strolled around and I got also from a working colleague who is from Hyderabad some nice tips what to do and where to go.
But I just managed to get a few things done and see and most of the time I strolled through the city and enjoyed the atmosphere.
At a famous landmark there were busses lined up and the CM (chief of ???whatsoever) a high rank politician came to hand over these busses to the Hyderabad authorities. So a big crowd was gathered and a lot of excited policeman were running around…. So enjoy the pics (PICTURE CLICKME) and I will try to update the blog as soon as possible.
But for the next days I will have 400 – 500 km tours without recreation day within so it will be quite hard… also the temperatures are really high and i´m thinking to start at 5a.m. to use the cool time when it just starts to get light…. I will see and keep you updated…stay tuned…
P.s. just for the remark of the last post of Ingo 🙂 … there was plenty of space between me and the bus… and Indian would even overtake with a truck there 🙂 But you want me back in one piece at work so i will take care…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “4´th April – Bangalore – Hyderabad

  1. Die Fotografen schauen aber finster drein

    Übrigens, wie geht es Felix ? 🙂

  2. Thanks once again for that compliment! 😀 It was my pleasure 🙂 m glad that you had nice time…. seize the day! 🙂 ride hard… Its really going to be a long ride to Delhi. I cant even believe that your trip to India is over… time flies really fast, specially if you are having a nice time right? 🙂 … Ingo will be the happiest person on earth when you reach Germany in one piece after riding the way you did in your video 😉 btw one correction… Indians would have overtook with an aircraft over there 😛 lol… I hope you had a nice time in India, which undoubtedly you did 🙂 … you are really a fun guy to hangout with… looking forward to your next visit to India or to my first visit to Germany… we will have a blast for sure! 🙂 ride hard and ride safe… Cheers!


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