– BLOG IS CLOSED FOR NOW – 06.04.2011.

Hello All,

after nearly 9286 arghh i did not even finish the 10.ooo km travelling through India “IT” happened 🙁

A stupid car/Autorikscha driver came to close to my lane on NH7 when i was driving towards Nagpur. Only 60km before i reached my Hotel i was crashed 🙁 So currently i will do no further sightseeing etc…which is worth to report so far … i´m busy otherwise 🙁

He came just up in front of me when there was a diversion and the 4 lane road went to a single lane..  i was just able to evade and he hit me hard on the right side of the bike ripping the right cylinder covering of and destroying the bike engine etc…. 🙁 He nearly hit me frontal that would not be fun………

Police was very helpful i have to say and i took away the other drivers car key as he wanted to disappear… before he could get too angry that i took the keys the police came…. But i doubt that it makes any sense that they have his name number etc….

Pics can be found here:


Fortunately nothing serious happened to me !! Just my left elbow needs some further examination at Dehli (or germany were i will head to asap) as i can´t stretch it full at the moment…..

But now the transport of the bike to Delhi must be organized… and it must be evaluated if i should/can/must bring the bike back to germany or if it isn´t worth at all (waiting for reply from my Bike Dealer and his mechanics in germany as far as they can tell something through the pictures…) …. I have to check out too many things…this is just to inform you…

I have very great help by a working colleague and her husband (THANKS a lot) as they have contacts all over India… So currently i´m waiting to get contacted for the further bike transpost etc….. i can´t tell how much this is worth to know to have these contacts and friends helping in situation likes this……. also the support from my girlfriend and family is great….!!!

See you all soon in Germany….

Feels so bad seeing the bike destroyed/damaged after going all well the long way round India…. i always knew that are freaks on the road and i drove carefully but this was to close for a frontal crash 🙁 I´m just lucky that so far nothing bad happened to me…………… all other is just money & metal….

nevertheless i´m sad 🙁



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  1. This is bad news….. glad to hear there is no major injury… but really sad to hear about the crash and bike… Keep us posted and let us know if anything required in India. We will try our best to help you out with our resources.

    Wish you a speedy recovery.


  2. Hi Lutz,

    I am sorry for your bike but really happy that you weren’t seriously injured. Better the bike that you.
    Stay safe and we are looking forward to seeing you back in Germany


  3. Hi Lutz,

    O Shit. I’m so sorry for your bike and your trip but the most important thing is that you’re still in one piece and nearly uninjured. What a nasty end for your trip around India but these things can happy anywhere. I hope your elbow just has some scratches and that you will still find some moments to enjoy India for the rest till you leave.
    And perhaps your bike can be fixed somwehow and is still worth being send back. But i must admit, although i’m not an expert it does not look good to me.


  4. Sorry to know about the accident Lutz!!
    Though Couldn’t meet you in person, you are a part of our brotherhood and It’s really sad to know about such an incident happening to you in our Nation. It’s really an adventure riding in our roads and traffic and you were successful till now. Anyhow get well soon brother. Wishing you and your ride a speedy recovery.


  5. my heart just missed a beat seeing the sorry state of your beloved machine which took you faithfully all over India and world all these years !! Glad you are safe but its very unfortunate that this happened in the final leg just before the end, spoiling all those happy moments with a black mark on the log!! even after riding all over the country and knowing the behaviors of all drivers, it just happened, well , some things are unavoidable..!! take care , ride safe. update asap.

  6. Hi Lutz,
    Sorry to hear about the incident. Even with the utmost care, such incident are unavoidable in such an unruly traffic. Glad that you are ok and no complication have arose. Hope the rest of the procedures are easy on you. The general road users in this country have a long way to go to become civilized and safe. It is to this aim that our efforts are.

  7. Hi Lutz,
    I am glad to read that nothing serious happened to you!
    You are right, it is only money. It could have been much worse (serious injury, it could have happened two month earlier, …).
    Don’t be too sad, you had a great trip through india! Although following you on your blog I cannot imagine what a great experience this must have been for you.
    regards, Ingo

  8. Hi Lutz,
    besser das passiert zum Ende als zu Beginn! Hast immerhin eine tolle Tour gehabt. Der Ärger ist jetzt doof, aber du bist gesund! Kommt gut nachhause, mit oder ohne die Mühle!

    Gruß, Stephan

  9. Hi Lutz,

    Sad to see the pictures but happy to know that you are safe and sound! We will miss your blog and the wonderful descriptions and beautiful pictures which caught the mood of the place you had been to! Great stuff and looking forward to see you soon in Germany..

    Cheers, LP

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