Delhi – 09th April – blog re-opened – short update thanks to the “Round Table India” and many others….

Hi There,

The last blog entry was quite sad and I was really frustrated. But in the meanwhile a lot of thinks happened and I wanted to give all of you a update as I got so much feedback by comments; Mails and phonecalls as it was overwhelming…

Ok the bad thing first… neither the BMW Bike fairy brought me a new bike overnight nor I woke up and it was just a freaky stupid nightmare……

But a lot of help came up when I didn´t expected it….I went to Nagpur and tried to get it organized that the bike is somehow getting transported from this small village I left the bike at the police post to proceed to bring it further to Delhi.

But unfortunately none of the many transport agents from Nagpur I called wanted to transport a German bike which was involved in an accident… don´t ask me why I have no idea… when I was finish with my story at the phone they all rejected the transport…. So I felt real fu** up… you can believe me.

Then I remembered some words a friend spoke one evening in Bangalore and i called him. His wife and he are members of the “Round Table KLICK IT” which is a international club with good connections and the members help each other a lot…

So I called them and within 2hour I got contact to a “tabler” in Nagpur. He just told me not to worry after  I told him the whole story and this was the end of the crash day……

He called me up the next morning and we met at the hotel. Surprisingly he already had a driver with car for me and a small truck so that we could pick up the bike at Wardha Police post. (not to mention i was not allowed to pay the expenses for the whole action….)

We went there and the policemen were again very very friendly and helpful. They didn´t asked for any money only for a receipt I had to write that they handed over the bike to me again…. Wow…after all I´ve heard about the indian police the behaved real great and friendly 🙂

We brought the bike to Nagpur and my friend again surprised me as he announced that he has also arranged the transport to Delhi (for a real good  price i have to say 8300Rs for 900km transport) …. What I couldn´t do within hours by calling so many transport agents he just “simple” arranged 🙂 … I was overwhelmed again. I didn´t know this man & his family and they just helped me…

After meeting a lot of people in India (i have to say mostly at tourist places)  being just interest in your money as a tourist this was the other side which I encountered… a stranger just helping another stranger because another guy from the “round Table” asked for help…. This was GREAT….. 🙂

So on Thursday the bike was packed and send on the way to Delhi…it should arrive here by Monday afternoon… cross fingers that it will be there….. 🙂

I flew from Nagpur to Dehli for 5000Rs on Friday late afternoon…. Not to forget the great evening I had when the wife of my friend invited me for diner to a nice club near the cricket stadium in Nagpur… I wanted to invite her to say “thank you” but no chance… the Indian hospitality gives you no chance to do so… so I hope I will come back to Nagpur one day to give some of this big help and support back somehow… (or perhaps they come to Germany for the next tabler meeting) 🙂

As it´s Internet I won´t call names in my blog without knowing if others are ok with it so I just can say a big THANKS to The “Tablers” in Bangalore & Nagpur guys you are great…. Unfortunately i´m to old to become a tabler….

Also from the xbhp forum (Indian motorbike enthusiast forum) in which  i´m posting sometimes I got some phone calls and mails offering support… xbhp Trivandrum and Delhi.. thanks a lot… Ride Hard but safe guys 🙂

So what to say… even the worst experience can bring up a lot of positive things… So let´s see what monday will bring up that I can start for the customs with the bike…



4 thoughts on “Delhi – 09th April – blog re-opened – short update thanks to the “Round Table India” and many others….

  1. Good to see the blog restarted and to hear that everything went smoothly for you at Nagpur. 🙂 Looking forward for the next update on Monday after the bike arrives.

    Take Care & Ride Safe…

  2. m really glad tht everything went well 🙂 Its really gr8 to know that you got help from so many different place… i cant show u rite nw but i have a big smile across my face 🙂 thanks to all of those ppl from my side as well who helpd my frnd 🙂 m really glad that u got see the other side of the “Indian cops” 🙂 have a safe flight home 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for restarting the blog. I am sure there are a lot of readers interested. Great to hear you had a lot of help in this unfortunate situation. Have a save journey home, speak to you soon.
    F & U

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