..at the Airport waiting for Boarding….


this should be my last post from India……

After having a incredible time with up & downs i will leave this fascinating, disturbing, irritating, beautiful, crazy driving, friendly and a lot more country…..

I spend 10h yesterday at the customs  for my bike and still i´m waiting for the dangerous goods declaration. But as the bike is already at the bond area i can´t do anymore so i decided to fly anyway. I hope the IATA guys will take care as they promised me and hand over the declaration together with the bike to my goods carrier Thai Airways. Let´s hope so…….

It was a great time and if you would like me to ask if i would have do it again i would say a definetely YES… but with some slight changes….. not so much in such a short time…. India is just too incredible 🙂 to see it in three months… next time i would focus more on certain areas…. but it was a lifetime experience and even with that unlucky (for my bike) but lucky (for me) crash it was great…..

so i will update the interested one when i got information about my bike…

stay tuned


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