….the trip is over…. bike is back in germany

Hello there,

This is m la my last post regarding my trip through India… it was great…really great and i would do it again because the time was fantastic and India is a great country with a lot of fantastic poeple i had met….. The trip had ups & downs but thats normal when doing such a thing…the only bad news i got now are from my bike and the Doctor…..

I got the bike delivered last week without any problems from India and i got it out of german customs within 3hours. They did not even wanted to see inside the box…. cool…

So i brought the bike to my bike dealer and after a few days i got the news that really more is damaged as you can see on first sight… so now i will meet the mechanic next week to decide how to proceeed…..

The next thing was my arm… i still got pain in my elbow and it didn´t went better… so i went last tuesday to a specialist and i got x-rayed again. And he saw a fracture of the upper bone at the edge of the elbow….. what a fu***** and it´s ridiculous that this was not seen in the hospital in Delhi.. 🙁 otherwise i would get a plaster there and the healing process would have been much more advanced….

As it is now two weeks after the accident he decided not to plaster my arm (that´s the “old school” way the doc said) and to keep it as it is until next week. Then we will x-ray again and decide also what to do… i´m strictly not allowed to put any force on the arm otherwise the “breaking point” will the crack more/again and i need a surgery 🙁 So let´s hope there is nothing more and it will heal slowly….

That´s all for now…. i wanted to write a final conclusion… perhaps i will do so … but as i´m back here there is so much to di i will see….

Thanks everybody for reading the blog and for the nice feedback a lot of you guys gave me….  🙂



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  1. Hi Lutz,

    glad to see you made it back in one piece. Is there hope for your bike or is it off to the scrap yard ?

    cheers Clive.

    PS: is there still a chance that you can join us in the Oberpfalz in June ?

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