Frankfurt – Johannesburg – Centurion (Pretoria)

Hi, after getting to Frankfurt quite early we were boarding the plane at 21:20CET.

It was a A380-800 and i was curious how it will be in the A380. But it was a little disappointing. to be honest. The Seat spacing was not more than in other planes and the on board entertainment system had to reboot a couple of times before it worked well. But in the Air the things changes a lot. I never flew in such a quite plane. It was awesome.

So i had the chance to sleep some minutes. Poor corinna she didn´t sleep a lot.. don´t know why. In the middle oft he night then the crew mad an announcement that medical assistance is urgently needed. No idea what happened but it must be something serious i assume when they make an announcement waking uo a lot of people.

We arrived in time and our contact from the agency waited already. The Customs took really a long time. Direct in the airport i got an sim card form y phone with datatarif etc… So we stay connected ☺ . And it paid off already to have it…..

On the way from Johannesburg to Pretoria the car suddenly showed the „flat tyre“ alarm. So we went asap to an petrol station to check the air pressure but everything was fine. At the South African (in future only SA) petrol stations you have normally full service by people. Wow not used this anymore… its nice…

Arriving Natanja guesthouse in Pretoria-Centurion we just checked in and went tot he local Budget rental. They seemed first a little bt unwilling to help but calling the main office and clarifying that we won´t take a car on which the electronic seems to go weird thy took the car and went tot he next honda dealer for checking. Meanwhile we went tot he Centurion Mall and grabbed some nice to eat.

After 1 1/2 h budget rental called us and told us that the car is ready and fixed…. i hope they did fix it and not only disable the alerting…. ☺ So without a local number everything would be much more complicated and expensive as the telephone roaming costs in SA would kill you… Local calls are 1,79.-€ and international are 2,99€…. what a rip off… The sim card with 100mins free call and 1GB data costs 20€ for the whole time.. We think this was worth it…

On the way back tot he Hotel we stopped at a local fire station and there i took the first pictures… Special for a good friend of us who is a little bit (say a little bit very much ☺) crazy about fire fighters here are the pictures… And at the end some pictures from our very nice guesthouse with my Fisheye 8-15m lens… Tomorrow we will head to Hazyview getting closer to Krueger Park…
p.s. klick on the links to see some pictures….