Long time with no internet….. and we survived :-)

I´m writing this sitting in Swasiland at early morning and it is really cold…only 10degrees in the morning.

From Centurion we headed to Hazyview  Idle & Wild BB. We stopped at a Bird sanctuary in which they have a lot of Bird of Prey in pension from other places all over south Africa. Unfortunately we had no time to wait the 3h until the next flight show was given. But they had large cages and to each bird there was a story telling why the bird was there or where he was found in what condition. Really a tip to visit.

In Dullstrom we took a lunch break and I had a huge with Blue Cheese covered Beef Burger  in a cozy nice restaurant with a fire on and nice places to chill out. This was really necessary as it was cold otside as Durmastatt is above 2000m meters.

Unfortunately it was raining the whole day and as the Navigation system routed us some funny way so we arrived very late in Hazyview Idle and wild B&B. <- klick for pictures

Susanne a german lady which we already met in centurion was waiting for us already and so we headed immediately to the Ants&Elephant restaurant. Awesome 300gr File Steak was waiting there for me…  🙂

The next morning after a nice breakfast I took some pictures of the Rondavel we slept in and the we headed of to the Pezulu tree house lodge near Hoedspruit via the panoramaroute. Fist Stop was the Mac Mac waterfall(wikipedia). (Pictures)

Proceeding on we were really lucky as the weather got much better and we had good views over the country from a place called “gods Window” <- pictures(only open between 08:00-17:00 so we wonder what god is using the window for in between…) very often the whole area is covered with thick clouds and fog so it was really a nice day.

And also along the route we had nice views.  (Pictures)

Suddenly we were stopped by two police officers accusing us not the have stopped at the last stop sign This should cost us 750rand = 70€. As Susanne was with us in the second car it was 1500.-. We were not amused in that and I started a little discussion about the hight of the fine etc… Suddenly they realized that we were all three of us tourists from Europe and the police officers changed their minds. They excused themselves at us and wished us a nice holiday and we should stop from now on at the stop signs and obey the traffic rules and let us go.. That was a surprise for us and we immediately started the engines and went away 🙂

After gods window Susanne left for Kruger park and we hope to see you soon in Germany… was great to meet you.

Arriving in the Pezulu Tree House Lodge we got our own tree house called “Jackaltree”. (Picture of Tree House)

On the way to the Lodge we entered already the Game Reserve and direct on the road we had Zebras (Pictures)  and beside a Giraffe (Picture)  with a young one beside so we had a nice approach with this greeting committee… 🙂

The next (very) early morning at 6:30 we had a game walk in the surrounding of the Lodge. When in got up at 5:30 I heard some strange noises so I stepped out to the veranda and within the range of 20meters two giraffes and a herd of zebras just had their Breakfast. Unfortunately it was too dark and I just had a bad torchlight to look at them so I couldn´t take pictures. But it was a touching moment to see these creatures so close in their own environment (even it is a reserve) and you realize that you are the guest here.

On the following game walk  We saw Zebras, Giraffes, Ostriches (Pictures of Morning Walk) and a lot of other animals or at least the foodprints of them, which were really fantastic, explained by the Assistant Manager of the Lodge during the walk.

Then we had a nice breakfast and we must say the Staff at the lodge is really great. Also the food, which was provided in the evening, was superb.

We had a break then until 2p.m. and the we started with some other dutch family a gema drive in a reserve very close to ours.

And we thought we had seen already a lot of animals we were told something different.. The Rangers made it possible to come very close to a lion famly with 4 cups and we stayed there about 30minutes (and feeled 400pictures <- just some of them)  observing them. We were only 5-8 Meters away from them so this was really an experience you won´t forget.

Also a White Rhino  was spotted and a lot of other animals like Buffalos etc…)

It was and very nice experience this game drive and highly to be recommended.

The next morning was quite hard as it was very windy the last night and the tree house was slightly moving and the wood construction of the house was making noises the whole night… Nevertheless a cool experience to sleep in a tree house (which was quite luxurious).

We headed off to our next destination The famous Krueger National Park – so more to come the next days…..



P.s here are all the pictures at once:

1) the Dullstrom / Hazyview and Panoramaroute part

2) The Pezulu Tree House and the Game walk & Game Drive