Krueger Park & Swaziland

After a very stormy & windy night in the tree House we headed after a fantastic breakfast to Orpan gate. This is one oft he main gates to Krueger National Park.

The drive through the park to our next destination the Pretoriuskop rest Camp was only approx. 90 km but as you have a speed limit of 50km/h on main roads and 40km/h on gravel roads it takes a while to get there. (all Pictures of Krueger park)

It took us 5h nearly. With all the stops on the animals you see very close direct at the road it is a fantastic experience. Just klick on the link to see more pictures of animals. On some pictures i have extra kept the frame oft the car so you can see how close the animals were,

The Rest Camp was a little bit disapointing  as the room were totally smelly and I had to escalate our problem up to the manager in order that we could change the room.

In the original rondavel they offered us something was sprayed on the wooden roof. Within 10mintues in the room you got headache and breathing problems. So we really had to change and we got a free upgrade to an nice 2bedroom house. (Pictures)

In front of all houses or rondavels there were bbq grills so a lot of the guest prepeared their own food. We went to the restaurant and had a more or less acceptable steak and some vegetarian food for corinna. After all the nice food in South Africa this was also a little bit disappointing as it was not so tasty and well prepared as we were used to but it did fed you up and that counted… But really not to recommend at all to be honest.

The next morning we headed very early from the Krueger Park to Swaziland. But last 2km before the last Park Gate we encountered one of the highlights so far. A whole family of elephants was having their breakfast and afterwards they crossed the street just in front of us.

I got a little bit nervous when the chief bull of the family was standing in front of the car just 5 meters away and was checking the situation. But all was fine and they finally crossed all so we could go and leave the park.

The Border to Swaziland was crossed within 30minutes and we were in Swaziland (all Pics). Via Pigs Peek (Pictures) we went to our next accommodation. The Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary one of the first Game reserves in Swaziland and again full of Zebras, Gnu and other animals, which we already saw when, we headed to our accommodation.

The Huts were very basic but with a nice bathroom and even more important (for corinna)…. With a lot of animals direct on the area. Wild Warthogs were running around and Bushbacks etc…. it is really nice there.  The Restaurant is directly at a lake and in the night time you could see (or better hear) Hippos coming out of the water and eat just in front of the restaurant while you were dining. With the help of a nice dutch guy we spotted the hippos the one evening and at last I got one good shot with high ISO from the back of the two dining hippos …..

On one day we did a day trip to a school in Swasiland and to a local family having Swasi lunch the traditional style. It was a great experience and a good chance to see how the normal family on the countryside lives in Swasiland. Also the school was a interesting experience as there were 695 pupils in the school and each class had approx.. 45-60 pupils. So this is really a huge number… We had the chance to visit one class and it was a lot of fun… I think for both sides….

During the night it was real cold in swasiland down to 8degree or less so in the morning it was no fun to get up as the huts don´t have any heating… But we made it brave to the open Air restaurant to grap some hot and delicious coffee… Just check out the pictures…

Next destination will be back in South Africa at Saint Lucia were a night Safari and a full day game Drive to a big five reserve is planned.

We hope you enjoy the blog… 🙂