Long time no time for updates & no internet again….


Back again in civilization…. We are on our last days and we travelled along the garden route. A harsh contrast to te rest what we have seen the last weeks. Arriving in Port Elizabeth and staying only one night there we headed to our next place called Knynsa with a short stopover at Dolphin Beach with a nice Restaurant called “Hey Jude” <- pictures. We checked in at Bradach Manor <- pictures a nice house with a fantastic view over the Lake.

From there we did a daytrip to Birds of Eden nature Reserve and Monkeyland. Both very nice places and Birds of eden is a Valley covered with a 50m high net so the birds really can fly and are not kept in any cages. So this was really great. At Monkeyland we had a look at various kinds of Monkey with a german guide who made a volunteer at this place. (pictures of Bird of Eden & Monkeyland) Just as we wanted to leave we saw a flyer of Tenikwa Wildlife Sanctuary and this was one of the best things that could happen.

They offered Cheetah morning walks and photographic walks…. As reservation was required we immediately called them from the monkey land reception and booked the next morning. Even we had to drive the next day 300km we wanted to do this. It meant also to get up at 05:30a.m. in order to pack the car, have a coffee & shower and then drive 1h to the Sanctuary….The morning walk started at 7:15…. In the evening we went to a great place to eat in Knynsa. The Olive Tree – run by Ellen a nice lady which makes every guest special and as there is no menu she brings to each table a big blackboard and explains each dish they offer…. Not much dishes but an exquisite selection.

The next morning I already regretted this idea to walk with cheetahs….. Arghhh i´m on holiday and not to get up so early…..

Nevertheless we got up & ready and went to Tenikwa. Arrived in the dark and cold we got a nice cup of tea and an introduction video of do´s and don´ts  with the cheetahs… as they are on a leash and used to go with people they are still wild animals and predators….

So next we got out and our two cheetahs came…. What a moment…. impressing to see the cats direct in front of you with no fence in between…. See all the Pictures

And then the 2h walk started and it was the cheetahs which gave the pace… when they rested we waited and if they wanted to go faster we let the leash go as it is  one of the fastest animals on the planet with a high acceleration we would have no chance to keep them.

It was an awesome experience. Afterwards we got back to the camp and had a nice small breakfast. Then we did a tour to the other animals in the camp and got exclusive entry into the areas (quite big each of them) were they were kept. We went into the Servals, Caracal, Wildcat and Cheetah areas.

And within each I got the chance to take some nice photos of the cats like the caracal….  What a great day…

At 12 we were finished with our tour and headed to Heidelberg – Skeiding guest Farm.

The route was nice and the garden route is total different as the north we have been before. Much more well developed areas. More farmland. And in the cities we passed by also much more fences to protect the property of the people….

Arriving in at Skeiding we got an Awesome room… but this is for the next entry…




P.s all Pictures: http://www.lbroemel.de/pictures/southafrica/07_Chrislin_Knysna_Cheetah/index.html