Easter Tour Part2

So from Saint-Dies-Des-Vosges i wanted to ride to Loray (Jura) where i pre-booked a hotel <-link to hotel.

Strating again at 07:00 it was quite fresh but a wonderful morning…

IMG_0054 IMG_0056


First i wanted back up to the vosges and to pass some nice mountains.. the weather became real nice and i was awesome 🙂

IMG_0060 Stopping at some Ski Area near Lac Blanc

and then going a short loop to Lac Blanc itself…

IMG_0064 IMG_0067

further on via wonderful landscapes and small tiny roads with nearly no traffic (remembers me like single track roads in scotland)


to a first world war monument in the Vosges. It is part of a big area where heavy fights took place between France and Germany. All the hills were fortified by the germans and the french tried to get it back…

IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0087

Visiting the Lignes fortification:

IMG_0096  IMG_0100  IMG_0103

Still there might be some explosives as you can see on the last pictures so some roads are not recommended to walk…. on a 3km part german & french launched 40.000 Artillery Bombs….

Heading further on again through nice countryside…



and with a short break….


i reached Loray and the hotel…

Click on the image to get more details – the trip is shared at gpsies website…


Km: 288km

Time needed: 7h:34 (with breaks)

Max Hight: 1155@Col de Bonhomme (Vosges)