Easter Tour Part4 – back home…

The best trip has to end so i  had to head back home. After a nice breakfast i started  at chilling temperatures to head back.. unfortunately i did not take many pictures as i had quite a long way home planned via the “Schauinsland” a road which is closed for motorbikes on the weekend and further on through the blackforest…

But here are the pictures from the start. It is very nice how the mist was in the valleys….

IMG_0176 IMG_0179

Look at these awesome roads 🙂 Curve after curve….

IMG_0181 IMG_0183

Passing a nice waterfall and then i was just riding…riding…riding…

IMG_0187 IMG_0192


Route Back via Freiburg – Schauinsland – Feldberg – B500 – and later on even heading to the autobahn to save some time (the worst part of the trip as there was heavy traffic on the autobahn)

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-25 um 07.20.51